Calpis Concentrate Original Flavor

Net contents: 1.5 L

The Calpis is made from non-fat milk that has undergone lactic acid fermentation. This is a healthy and delicious cultured milk drink enjoyed by families in Japan for over 85 years. It does not contain artificial colorants or preservatives. Non-carbonated beverage.

Ingredients: granulated sugar, nonfat milk (trated with lactic acid culture), water, flavourings acid (citric acid).

Allergens: the product contains milk.

Nutrition facts (100 ml): 244 kcal, carbohydrate 59.2 g, protein 1.7 g, fat 0 g.

How to enjoy:
•with water or another favourite drink, mix 1 part Calpis with 4 parts water.  
with milk, mix 1 part Calpis to 6 parts milk.
•you can also enjoy with hot water on cold days!

Store in cool and dry place. Keep in the refrigerator after opening. 

Made in Taiwan.
Best before: see on the bottle.

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